Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Delivery time from the moment of Order?

Easy Packs – Veggies – Fruits – Seafood – Herbs & Spices - Tea
Orders can be placed via the website at any time.
These orders will be fulfilled on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 7:30AM and 7:30PM.
*For all items excluding Desserts (Refer Terms & Conditions)

  • The cut-off time for Wednesday Deliveries will be Tuesday by 10:00AM
  • The cut-off time for Saturday Deliveries will be Friday by 10:00AM

2. How can I make Payment?

Pending Payhere integration, which will accept Visa, Mastercard & American Express.
we currently accept:

  • Bank Transfers to

    AC No: 035010038668
    Bank & Branch: HNB, Wattala

    Once Online Transfers are done at time of Order, the Payment Confirmation can be sent via WhatsApp (+94773516661) or via email to

  • Cash-on-Delivery

3. When can I visit the Farms?

*Subject to ongoing Curfew Restrictions
Customers can arrange a visit to the Farm by simply dropping us message via our Contact Us Page.
The Team will be in touch to facilitate a visit at the earliest convenience of the Customer.

4. Is Delivery Free?

All Easy Packs, Vegetable, Fruit, Herbs/Spices & Tea Prices quoted are FREE (Prices quoted inclusive of Delivery), within Colombo City and its suburbs.
Seafood items will be subject to a Delivery Charge of LKR 300.00 per Order.
In the event, an order includes both Easy Packs/Vegetable/Fruit/Herbs & Spices/Tea + Seafood items, the LKR 300.00 charge will be applicable.

Delivery of Desserts will happen within 24-Hours and charges will vary between LKR 250.00 – LKR 500.00 on the Delivery Address, within Colombo City and its suburbs.
The home-based bakers and dessert specialists will contact Customers directly to coordinate Deliveries.

5. Does Buy Fresh deliver Islandwide?

Yes. However, there will be a third-party Delivery Fee added, based on Location.

6. Does Buy Fresh prohibit the sale of any items in particular?

The promotion and sale of Alcohol, Tobacco and Illegal Substances are completely banned.
Uncooked Beef, Pork, Chicken, Mutton, Lamb any other form of Farm or Wild Meat will not be sold on this platform.
Dairy Products such as, Milk, Butter & Cheese will not be sold in an attempt to promote Coconut Milk and other vegan alternative Butters and Cheeses (Peanut, Chickpea & Coconut)

If you are a supplier of any these Vegan Products, we look forward to your involvement.

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